UH Engineering

Students and Alumni

Saikiran Ambati

M.S. (2018, expected). "Automatic Detection of Emotional Content in Natural Images"

Krishnagopal Ashok

M.S (2018, expected) "Short-Term Temporal Changes in Saccadic Eye Movements"

Travis Bendele

M.S. (2010) “The Effect of Sub-1Hz Oscillation Phase on the Response to Auditory Stimuli”

Travis is a design engineer in the New Business Development group for MEDIVATORS, a Cantel Medical company where he designs and manufactures medical devices that are used to prevent infections in gastrointestinal endoscopy.

Mehmet Akif Coskun

Ph.D. (2013) “Functional Tests of Atypical Connectivity in the Autistic Brain using Magnetoencephalography”

Ziyang Li

Ph.D. (2013) “Autonomic Markers of Visual Awareness”

Ziyang is an RDD engineer III at Baker Hughes.

Abigail Mani

M.S. (2009) “Electroencephalogram Studies Of Visual Object Recognition”

Abigail is currently working on a PhD. in a neuro-ethology lab designing a Virtual Reality Environment for simulating insect flight with closed loop feedback at the University of Saskatoon, Canada.

Shrivatsa Neerkaje

M.S. (2016) "Estimating the Emotional Content of an Image based on the Observer's Eye Scan Pattern"



Jasmine Patel

M.S. (2014) "What is a clear image? Human sensitivity to noise in naturalistic images"

Jasmine is a Product Engineer at Alcon, a Novartis company

Alma Rebeca Tijiboy Mendoza

M.S. (2016) "Mindreading: Predicting the number you will think based on your eye scan pattern"

Weiwei Wu

Ph.D. (2011) “Modulation Of The N400 By Semantic And Knowledge Violations During Sleep”

Weiwei is a RDD Engineer III in Baker Hughes. She works on firmware design and development.

Zijing Zhao

M.S. (2011) “Changes in the Autonomic Nervous System in Response to Auditory and Visual Stimuli”